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The Zesty Network is a protocol for renting digital ad space. Each ad slot is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT), which proves a specific creator's ownership. Once the NFT is put up for auction, the winning bidder would receive the option to change the visual asset that the digital ad slot points to in the creator's experience for a set period of time. We are starting with experiences in WebXR initially, but this method of market creation is applicable for others digital spaces.

The protocol uses ideas from cryptography such as Shamir secrets and allows users to run their own validator nodes, that help in the verification of ad display and reduce ad fraud in the network. Of course, validators are rewarded with protocol tokens for their work. To increase the security of the validator nodes, users can stake $ZEST, Zesty Market Tokens, as nominators to receive staking rewards for helping secure the validation of advertisement display.

Zesty Market is a community-owned public good that is governed by its stakeholders, similar to a co-op. It funds new initiatives through the use of a treasury, which through protocol fees, accumulates the capital to spend on useful and productive ideas. Governance token holders would also receive a portion of the protocol's fees that are collected every time a bid on an ad slot is won. This helps the network maintain its activities and services for everyone.