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At the core of Zesty Market is a mechanism for profit-sharing with its stakeholders. This mechanism ensures that those who hold and stake the Zesty Governance token are rewarded for helping in the network's validation of ad display.

Sources of Value

Creators + Advertisers

Both creators and advertisers provide the main source of value for the Zesty Market, as they provide the supply and demand of ad slots.


Users who are shown the ads from the advertisers provide the entire Zesty Market with one of our main reasons of existing - without their purchases of the goods and services from advertisers, there would be no benefit for advertisers to seek ad slots from our marketplace.

Marketplace Fees

In providing market services such as the aggregation of ad slot liquidity for advertisers, and ad slot demand for creators, Zesty Market collects 100-500 bps (1%-5%) on every ad slot purchase. These fees, when generated, are sent to a fee pool, where ZEST stakers can collect proportionally each week.

ZEST Staking Rewards

By staking ZEST tokens, users can collect rewards through our inflationary monetary policy.

Value Recipients

Creators + Advertisers

In return for supplying ad slots to the marketplace, creators receive direct monetary value through the successful Zesty Market auctions.

In return for purchasing the ad slots from Zesty Market, advertisers gain new customers and sell more of their products and services that may otherwise never have been discovered by consumers before.


In addition to finding new products and services that they may never have discovered, consumers will benefit by having their privacy protected and not used for surveillance capitalism.

Validators and Nominators (Stakers)

To be Validators and Nominators on Zesty Market users will have to stake $ZEST. Users will receive fees from successful auctions and inflation obtained from the network to subsidize and reward validators for work done on the network.