For Renters
How to start renting on Zesty Market
This guide will show you how to start renting on Zesty Market step-by-step. Before proceeding, make sure you have MetaMask installed and set to the correct network ( Polygon). You'll also need USDC to start renting Spaces. See our MetaMask guide here.


  1. 1.
    Create a Campaign
  2. 2.
    Bid on Timeslots
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1. Create a campaign

Go to https://zesty.market and click on Launch App.
Connect your wallet using the Connect Wallet button on top right. Once you're connected, click on Campaigns to create your campaign.
On your campaigns page, click on Create Campaign button on the top right of the screen.
That will bring you to the Create A Campaign page. There are a few fields you'll need to fill up:
  • Format
    • You can choose your campaign image to be displayed at Twitch, WebXR, or Web.
  • Image To Be Shown
    • This is where you upload the image to be used as your ad. The sizes varies depending on which platform you choose for it to be displayed at
  • Campaign Name
    • Name of your campaign
  • Call to Action URL
    • This will be the link where you want your viewers to go when they click on the ad
  • Description (Optional)
    • Details about your campaign for creators to read more about your campaign

Campaign Image Formats

Ensure that your campaign image format matches the Zesty space's banner format. Below are the dimensions of the supported assets (width x height):
Width (px)
Height (px)
Twitch campaigns also support animated .gifs. Make sure the dimensions are set to550x200.
Once you've done and clicked the Create button, a MetaMask window will pop-up. You can click on Confirm to proceed. The gas fee will be in Matic and the transaction might take a while.
You'll received a MetaMask pop-up notification when the transaction is done. The other way to check is to go to your Campaigns page and you'll see the campaign you've created listed on the page.
Now that you have your Campaign set-up, you're ready to start bidding on the timeslot of the creator of your choice.

2. Bid on timeslot

First you'll need to go to the Market page. On the page, you'll be able to see all the spaces that have been created by the creators, ready for you to bid on. Choose the space you desire, for the purpose of this guide, we'll choose Zesty Ad Demo space.
On top of the Space page, you'll see the cover image, details and description of the Space. The Auction and History section can be found at the bottom of the page. Auction shows you the slots available for bidding and History shows the historical campaigns and prices of the Space.
To start bidding on the Space, click on the timeslot you want. The selected timeslot will be highlighted in blue. You may bid on more than 1 timeslots. When you're ready, you can click on the shopping cart icon to checkout.
Select Campaign pop-up will appear for you to choose the Campaign you want to advertise. Select the campaign you want to use. And click Next.
Next, you'll see a Review Order pop-up. Here you'll need to click Approve to allow Zesty Market to spend your USDC, and Submit, to submit the order.
On both actions, you'll be greeted with MetaMask pop-ups. Both will require a small amount of gas fees. Click on confirm on both occasions.
Once the you've confirmed the submission of the order, your bid will appear on the Auction section of the Space. The status will be seen as "Awaiting Approval" until the creator of the Space accepts your bid! If they accept, your campaign will appear in their space for the time specified in the auction.
You may also check on your Campaign's page to see your active bids.

3. Refunds

If the advertisement was not successfully displayed you will be refunded a majority of your USDC, though some USDC will be taken by the network for fees.
This fee is also meant to discourage malicious advertisers from repeatedly putting campaigns that publishers do not desire, effectively causing a denial of service for the publisher. The fees will make the denial of service expensive for a malicious advertiser.
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