Things you need to do before creating or renting Space NFT.


    Setting up MetaMask
    Adding Polygon Network
    Buying USDC

Step 1. Set Up MetaMask

MetaMask is a browser-based extension that will provide you with an Ethereum wallet for use on Zesty Market. Make sure to follow the instructions on MetaMask and store your seed phrase securely. Writing the phrase on paper and storing it in a safe or somewhere secure is a safe way of storing secrets.

Step 2. Select A Network

Once you've finished setting up MetaMask, you will need to select the appropriate network in order to interact with Zesty Market. Zesty currently functions on Rinkeby, which is one of the test networks, or testnets, available on Ethereum. No real money will be used on the testnet, which makes it a risk-free way of trying out the platform. Switching networks is as easy as going to the top drop-down and selecting Rinkeby Test Network. Once Zesty launches on Matic, this section will be updated with steps on how to switch to using Matic as well.
Switching to Rinkeby Test Network
You will then need to obtain ether (also known as ETH), the currency used on Ethereum to run any form of transaction. Every transaction consumes an additional amount of ETH referred to as gas. To obtain test ETH on Rinkeby proceed to You will need to post your Ethereum address on social media (Twitter, or Facebook) and provide the link to the post. The faucet will send test Rinkeby ETH to the address provided. Alternatively, you can contact the team on Discord and we will provide you with test ETH.

Step 3. Start Using Zesty

With MetaMask set up, you're now ready to interact with Zesty Market! Move on to either our advertiser or creator guides to learn how to proceed from here.
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