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Wonderland Engine



You will first need to create a Space NFT in order to get started. Check out For Creators for more instructions.

Step 1a

To just use the bundled file, download it by right-clicking this link and saving it into your project folder:

Step 1b

If you are using NPM in your Wonderland project, install it like so:

npm install '@zestymarket/wonderland-sdk'

Warning: Make sure you are using the same three.js version as the Zesty package. You can check here:

Step 2

In your Wonderland project, open your Project Settings view and make sure that the SDK is being included in your JavaScript source paths.

The Wonderland Engine Project Settings view showing the SDK included in the source paths.

Step 3

Create a new mesh, set its type to PrimitivePlane, and create a new material for it as well. Set the pipeline to either "Phong Opaque Textured" or "Flat Opaque Textured."

Adding a new mesh to the Wonderland Engine hierarchy. The mesh and material of the added mesh.

Step 4

Add the zesty-banner component to your mesh's object and fill in the following fields as such:


space 0

format tall

style standard

The Zesty Banner component in the component list. The Zesty Banner configuration options.

To opt into enabling a beacon on your space, simply check the "beacon" box on the zesty-banner component. This will allow you to see analytics like space visits and banner clicks within the Zesty app.

Run the test server

Press the play button to package, start server and open browser to see changes.

Result: A Wonderland Engine scene with a Zesty Banner added to it.