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You will first need to create a Space NFT in order to get started. Check out For Creators for more instructions.

Importing the SDK

NPM Project - install it like so:

npm install '@zestymarket/babylonjs-sdk'

Once installed, import the ZestyBanner component:

import * as Zesty from '@zestymarket/babylonjs-sdk';

Warning: Make sure you are using the same babylon.js version as the Zesty package. You can check here:

If you are using an unsupported version, you can import a specific version of babylon.js from CDNs like Skypack:

HTML Script Tag - Paste this into the <head>:

<script src=""></script>

Bringing the Zesty Banner into your scene

Make sure you have a reference to your scene and WebXRHelper (if applicable), then copy and paste:

const zestyBanner = new ZestyBanner("0", "tall", "standard", 3, scene, xrHelper);

Replace 0 with your own Space ID.

Substitute variable names as needed. The last parameter for the WebXRHelper is optional.

You can also pass the argument true if you would like to opt into Zesty Analytics. Anyone will be able to view this on your Space's page, where it will display a history of visits to your space and clicks on your banner.

Adding a banner to the previous example would look like this:

const zestyBanner = new ZestyBanner("0", "tall", "standard", 3, scene, xrHelper, true);

Customizing your banner display

These are the available attributes for your banner:


space required

String: The ID of your space.

network required

String: The network in which your space NFT was minted. Should be set to either polygon or rinkeby.

format required

String: Determines the aspect ratio of your ad space. Valid options are tall, wide, or square.

  • Tall - 3:4
  • Wide - 4:1
  • Square - 1:1

style required

String: Style of your placeholder image, which notifies viewers that the ad space is available. Valid options are standard, minimal, and transparent.

height required

Integer: Scales the banner to your liking.

scene required

A reference to your babylon.js scene.

webXRExperienceHelper optional

A reference to a babylon.js WebXR Experience helper, if applicable. Can otherwise be omitted unless you are changing beacon settings, in which case it should be set to null.

beacon optional

Boolean: Setting beacon to true allows you to view analytics on your space page.

Source Reference

export default class ZestyBanner {
constructor(space, network, format, style, height, scene, webXRExperienceHelper = null, beacon = false) {
const options = {
height: height,
width: formats[format].width * height