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You will first need to create a Space NFT in order to get started. Check out For Creators for more instructions.

Importing the SDK

NPM Project - install it like so:

npm install '@zestymarket/aframe-sdk'

Once installed, import the ZestyBanner component:

import * as Zesty from '@zestymarket/aframe-sdk';

HTML Script Tag - Paste this into the <head>:

<script src=""></script>

Bringing the Zesty Banner into your scene

In the <a-scene>, copy and paste:

<a-entity visible="true" zesty-banner="space: 0; format: tall; style: standard" position="0 2 0"></a-entity>

Replace space: 0 with your own space ID.

To opt into enabling a beacon for your space, copy and paste:

<a-entity visible="true" zesty-banner="space: 0; format: tall; style: standard; beacon: true" position="0 2 0"></a-entity>

Customizing your banner display

These are the available attributes for your banner:


space required

The ID of your space

space: { type: 'string' }

network optional - defaults to polygon

The network in which your space NFT was minted.

network: { type: 'string', default: 'polygon', oneOf: ['matic', 'polygon', 'rinkeby'] }

format required

Detemrines the aspect ratio of your ad space. Valid options are tall, wide, or square.

  • Tall - 3:4
  • Wide - 4:1
  • Square - 1:1

format: { type: 'string', oneOf: ['tall', 'wide', 'square'] }

style optional

Style of your placeholder image, which notifies viewers that the ad space is available.

style: { type: 'string', default: defaultStyle, oneOf: ['standard', 'minimal'] }

height optional

Scales the banner to your liking. Default value is 1.

height: { type: 'float', default: 1 }

beacon optional

Setting beacon to true allows you to view analytics on your space page.

beacon: { type: 'boolean', default: false }

adSpace optional

Identical to space. Kept for backwards compatibility.

adSpace: { type: 'string' }

adFormat optional

Identical to format. Kept for backwards compatibility.

adFormat: { type: 'string', oneOf: ['tall', 'wide', 'square'] }