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Web Integration


You will first need to create a Space NFT in order to get started. Check out For Creators for more instructions.


Step 1a

If you want to import the <script> tag, copy and paste this into the <head>:

<script src=""></script>

Step 1b

If you are using it in an NPM project, install it like so:

npm install '@zestymarket/web-sdk'

Step 2

In your page's <body>, copy and paste:

<zesty-web space="0" width="100px"></zesty-web>

Replace space="0" with your own Space ID.

You can also pass the argument beacon="true" if you would like to opt into Zesty Analytics. Anyone will be able to view this on your Space's page, where it will display a history of visits to your space and clicks on your banner.

Adding a banner to the previous example would look like this:

<zesty-web space="0" width="100px" beacon="true"></zesty-web>