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Create a Space

Connect your wallet

Go to and click on Launch App.

Before doing anything, you will need to switch to the Polygon Network in your wallet. If you are using MetaMask, the network selection menu will look like this:

If Polygon (or Matic) is not in your Network list, you will either need to manually add the RPC or connect to a Polygon based dApp like Quickswap which will automate the process for you.

Create a space

Once you're connected, click on Spaces to create your campaign.

Click on Create Space on your Spaces page.

You'll be sent to the Create A Space NFT page. This is where you can fill in your Space details, including name, image and link. Each Space is an NFT and the details are the metadata attached to the NFT.

  • Image
    • Show off your space
    • Only supports square images
  • Name
    • Give your Space NFT a name for renters to see
  • Location URL
    • The URL to the Space. If your link is coordinate based, try to link to a good view of your space.
  • Description
    • Write any supporting details about your Space NFT
    • Some ideas: Space location (eg: top right of the page), average visitors, your WebXR experience details, livestreaming channel details, anything.
  • Format
    • Select the format for the space. As of now Twitch, WebXR, and Web are supported

Once the details are filled, click on Create. A MetaMask pop-up will ask you to confirm transaction, click Confirm.

When the transaction is completed, you'll receive a notification from MetaMask. You may check on your Space by going to the Space page. If the Space is listed, you're done creating your Space NFT!


Depositing your Space NFT to Zesty's smart contract is required in order to create an auction.

In the Space page, you'll find Deposit NFT button, click on it.

A deposit NFT pop-up will appear. There are 2 actions you are required to do here, Approve and Deposit. You'll need to do each of the action one-by-one. Both of the buttons will result in MetaMask pop-ups requiring you to confirm your actions.

Below are the Confirmations you'll need to do when Approving and Depositing your NFT. On both occasions, you'll get a notification when the transaction is completed.

Left: Approving Zesty to spend your USDC. Right: Confirming to deposit your NFT