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Create a Campaign

Campaigns are your gateway to brand exposure in the metaverse. Setting one up is easy, here's what you'll need to do:

1. Connect to the Blockchain

You'll need to connect to the blockchain to get market data and mint your Campaign token. Currently, we use Polygon, which is a low-fee, low-carbon impact Ethereum sidechain.

  1. Make sure your wallet is set to the Polygon network and press Connect

  2. Click on Campaigns

don't have a wallet?

Check out our Metamask Guide

2. Create Campaign

On your campaigns page, click on Create Campaign button on the top right of the screen.

Prepare your content

Zesty currently accepts JPG and PNG under 2mb


  • Format
    • Square, Tall, Wide
    • If you want to be compatible with every billboard, make all four!
    • Make sure your format matches one of the Zesty Banner formats
  • Image To Be Shown
    • Your image, which is compatible with your format selection
  • Campaign Name
    • Name your campaign
    • People will see this when you bid on their auctions
  • Call to Action URL
    • Where users will be linked if they click your ad
  • Description (optional)
    • Details about your campaign for creators to read more about your campaign
    • Billboard owners can reject your bid, so make sure to be clear!
Image Formats
FormatWidth (px)Height (px)

3. Confirm your Campaign on the blockchain

After clicking the Create button, a MetaMask window will pop-up. Click on Confirm to proceed.

Having trouble?

Sometimes the network can be slow. It might help to refresh and try again.

Reach out to us on Discord if you need technical support!

After your transaction is mined, you can find your Campaign on the Campaign page.

Now, you're ready to start bidding for timeslots on the Zesty Marketplace.