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Bid on Timeslots

Virtual billboard owners list prices for some amount of time on their banners. Advertisers can bid on these timeslots and, if approved by the owner, be set up to automatically occupy and pay for that period of time.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Find a billboard

When connected to the blockchain, you can find all active an inactive listings in the Billboard Market.

Choose the billboard you desire. For the purpose of this guide, we'll use Zesty Ad Demo billboard.

filter results

You can filter by criteria such as Format, Active Listings or Lowest Price

2. Bid on a timeslot

Once you've found a billboard, look for the Auctions tab towards the middle of the page.

Check all of the the timeslots that you'd like to purchase and click the BUY button.


You can purchase multiple timeslots in the same transaction.

Select your Campaign.

This will only work if your campaign matches the billboard owner's chosen format

due diligence

Before you buy, check out the billboard's Analytics tab. It will show a history of their clicks and visits

3. Submit your purchase

Purchasing your first timeslot will require both an approval and submission.

On both actions, you'll be greeted with MetaMask pop-ups. Both will require a small amount of gas fees. Click on confirm on both occasions.

Having trouble?

Sometimes the network can be slow. It might help to refresh and try again.

Reach out to us on Discord if you need technical support!

4. Wait for owner approval

Billboard owners need to approve your bid before the purchase goes through. They will be able to see all of your Campaign's details before making a decision.

Watch your approval status in the billboard's Auctions tab or on your campaign's Active Bids page. If they accept, your campaign will appear in their billboard for the time specified in the auction.

Monitor your bids

Type >notify in the #bot-commands channel in Discord to get a notifications when bids have been approved