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Answers to commonly asked questions​

What is Zesty Market?​

Zesty Market is a monetization platform for Internet Communities, owned by Internet Communities. We provide web3 Monetization for our users and clients. Zesty enables tokenization of digital ad spaces, whether it’s on VR or a section of a live stream into an NFT. The NFT can be rented out to an advertiser as an ad space (think of it as a billboard), and the revenue from the rental would go directly to the creator on-chain.

Why did we create Zesty?​

Our goal is to provide Virtual Space Owners and Advertisers with a method of connection without dependence on a centralized platform.

What is Zesty Market for Virtual Space Owners?​

Zesty enables Virtual Space Owners to create an ad space as an NFT and rent them out to Advertisers.

How to create ad space on Zesty?​

Virtual Space Owners on Zesty are enabled to tokenize their ad opportunities as NFTs, as this allows anyone in the world with an Internet connection and MetaMask wallet to purchase the ad slot.

What is Zesty Market for Advertisers?​

Advertisers are enabled to create campaigns (ads) and bid on open ad spaces created by the Virtual Space Owners.

Which wallets does Zesty support?​

Zesty currently supports CoinBase Wallet & Metamask as it enables you to integrate easy, anonymous, and secure international payments and transactions into web3 applications.

How does auction pricing work on the Zesty Market?​

Zesty Market uses a Dutch Auction for price discovery of advertising time slots. The value of the time slot is represented by a linearly decreasing function, when the time slot approaches expiry, the price of the auction approaches zero.

On which network does Zesty operate?​

Once you’ve finished setting up MetaMask, you will need to select the appropriate network in order to interact with Zesty Market. Zesty currently functions on the Matic Mainnet.